Reach ultimate health through food, thoughts, and actions

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert and recently named Top 25 Coach by Chicago Entrepreneur Magazine, who has experienced first-hand the frustration and temporary bandaids offered by the healthcare system when dealing with autoimmune disease and other hereditary health issues, my mission is to inspire individuals to reach their ultimate health so they can pursue their passions with the energy and enthusiasm, they desire.

My goal is to seek to restore the body which is out of balance due to nutritional deficiency and toxicity and bring alignment back to mind, body, and soul.

I don’t treat, cure or heal. I educate, inspire, and provide a solid plan for a healthy lifestyle.

– DeeDee Mehren, CNP –

Deedee Mehren, founder of Feed Mind Body Soul, 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous

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Does Our Metabolism Really Decrease With Age?

Does Our Metabolism Really Decrease With Age?

As many of you know I recently hit the big 5-0. I know after working with thousands of women over the past 4.5 years, many fear getting older and gaining weight as their metabolism decreases due to...

30 Days to Feeling Fabulous: Program Overview

30 Days to Feeling Fabulous: Program Overview

Registration for 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous 2022 is now OPEN! Please click here to register. 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous is not a detox or cleanse program. It is a virtual program designed to...

Ditch the fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, chronic pain, and more by using food as medicine and putting your body back into balance with Holistic Health Coaching.

Holistic Nutrition works to resolve the body’s imbalances through the use of food, dietary supplementation, and mind/body practices.

Research has shown that individuals who work with health coaches experience positive health outcomes in reducing their risks of chronic diseases, inflammation, glycemic regulation and improvements in stress levels, sleep quality and exercise consistency.

DeeDee Mehren, nutritionist in Geneva Illinois

About DeeDee

Using the latest in research and modern-day holistic health, combined with ancient practices such as Ayurveda and mindfulness/meditation, she uses food, herbs, essential oils, stress management tools, and body movement to educate and inspire people to find their ultimate health.

DeeDee empowers people to have the energy and vibrancy required to pursue their life’s passions.

The Latest Recipes

Mango Miracle Hangover Smoothie Recipe

Mango Miracle Hangover Smoothie Recipe

So maybe you've been celebrating the holidays with a little too much spirit. (Pun intended.) What can you do when you wake up with a pounding headache or just feel a little bit off? Did you ever consider making a hangover smoothie? Introducing the Mango Miracle...

Gingerbread Warm Smoothie

Gingerbread Warm Smoothie

Despite the much warmer than average September, fall and winter will inevitably come. The cooler mornings have me craving a warm breakfast, but I'm still a die-hard smoothie girl most mornings. Just an easy way to get a healthy breakfast in with an adequate balance of...

Cashew Chipotle Aioli

Cashew Chipotle Aioli

I have a new obsession and it's Cashew Chipotle Aioli. I have always loved a good aioli sauce and one of my favorite things to do is to make an oil-based aioli and serve it with a ton of various roasted veggies for a party. This can be made ahead of time and served...

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