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30 Days to Feeling Fabulous

Your health isn’t a fad. Stop treating it like one.

Ditch the diets and spend 30 days learning how to make nutrition and lifestyle changes focused on the four pillars of health – nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep – that could help add vibrancy and years to your life.

When you join 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous you’ll receive:

• A month-long meal plan full of healthy recipes (choice of Paleo, Plant-Based, or Ketogenic plans)

• Daily insider health tips & challenges via a closed Facebook group

• A caring community of supporters and access to health and wellness professionals

• Motivational emails and videos

• Weekly giveaways

30 Days to Feeling Fabulous runs from

January 17, 2022 – February 13, 2022

Fads come and they go – Whole30, F45, P90X, and whatever other combination of letters and numbers is popular for a hot second – but the problem with those trends is that they focus on one singular aspect of wellness.

There’s something missing.

I’m DeeDee Mehren, a certified holistic nutritionist and culinary nutrition expert. I developed my signature program, 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous, after watching so many of my clients embark on fad diets or short-lived exercise programs. While healthy eating and exercise are always good, these programs often lack the backbone needed for long-term success.

There are four key pillars to overall health: Nutrition, Movement, Stress, and Sleep. You could be eating “green and clean” but if you are stressed out and not sleeping, your health will inevitably fail.

30 Days to Feeling Fabulous is different from every other health plan out there because each week focuses on a different pillar.

Yes, there’s a stellar month-long meal plan, but in addition to eating delicious healthy food, you’ll learn how all of the pillars interact so that you can begin making small lifestyle changes that will result in you not only feeling fabulous when the 30 days are up but also healthier and happier throughout the year.

DeeDee Mehren, founder of Feed Mind Body Soul


“My husband and I owe our healthy new lifestyle to DeeDee and her 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous Program. We have three young children and quick meals and snacks and mostly processed food had become our way of life. I had gotten stuck in the low fat and low calorie “eating plan” and was not seeing any positive results. We found ourselves overweight, tired and out of shape. We have maintained DeeDee’s recommendations and it has become our lifestyle. DeeDee taught us so much. We feel so much better overall, sleep better, and we each lost 20+ pounds. My husband was pre-diabetic prior to starting the program and we can’t wait to see how his numbers have improved since starting the program. Thank you so much for giving us our health back DeeDee!”

2022 theme

The Energy Equation

This year’s overarching theme is THE ENERGY EQUATION.

Many people suffer daily from brain fog, malaise, fatigue, and just a basic lack of energy. This impacts our ability to crush our goals and live life optimally.

This year’s 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous program will focus on how we should optimize our nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep in order to increase our daily energy output.

The Meal Plans


The plant-based plan includes eggs and fish, but no other animal protein. It is advised for those looking to minimize animal protein consumption, work on their heart health, and looking to increase their vegetable intake.


In this meal plan, I put my own spin on Keto. I do not include cow dairy and focus on quality fats versus junk fats. I prefer a higher non-starchy veggie intake than most keto plans and lean toward quality fish.


The paleo style plan is still veggie-centric; however, many lunches and dinners feature animal and fish protein. This is a lower carbohydrate, slightly higher protein plan with minimal to no grains and legumes.

intermittent fasting paleo

New for 2022! This plan includes an overnight fast of approximately 16 hours. This plan will include the same number of calories as our traditional Paleo plan but the eating window is compressed.

Not sure which meal plan is right for you? Click here to watch a breakdown of what you can expect with each plan.


“Oh my gosh! Not only do I feel better and healthier, but I have learned so much and have some awesome new recipes! Thank you! You are a treasure!”

30 Days to Feeling Fabulous is not a detox or cleanse program.

It is a program designed to implement a healthy lifestyle focused on the 4 pillars of health: Nutrition, Movement, Stress, and Sleep.

By consuming anti-inflammatory, low allergenic, nutrient-dense foods, and incorporating tips on exercise, stress management, and sleep hygiene, 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous is designed to optimize your well-being.

Give and Receive the Gift of Connection

The 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous program is the perfect gift for loved ones, as well as yourself. Over the past two years, it has been hard to maintain a semblance of normalcy. As vaccination numbers increase, 2022 will again be a year to thrive.

While we all wait, you can join loved ones both near and far as you virtually cook meals together and hold each other accountable for the lifestyle changes you will make.

It’s not uncommon for families to do the program together but even if you go it alone, you’ll find the welcoming members of our Facebook group will be there to cheer you on to success!

30 Days to Feeling Fabulous


“I have collected 9 complete 4-week programs DeeDee’s plus an additional 2 detox plans and they are ALL fantastic! My favorite thing is knowing each and every day, my meals were laid out for me so there was no thought involved. I ended up losing nearly 30 pounds and keeping it off (EASILY) for almost 3 years!”

Big Lifestyle Changes Start with Small Steps

Most fitness and health challenges focus on just one area. For instance, you might do crunches for 30 consecutive days, but then what? Or maybe you’ll remove sugar from your diet for a week but return to your old ways when you start feeling sluggish.

In 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous, you’ll learn how all of the pieces fit together. We will talk regularly about the four pillars of health – nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep – and how they all go hand-in-hand. You’ll walk away from this program understanding what you need to do to maintain your results throughout the year.

The Four Pillars of Health and Wellness, developed by DeeDee Mehren


You’ll receive easy-to-follow weekly meal plans. All recipes are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and predominantly grain (exception of plant-based) and dairy-free.


Throughout the movement week, you will receive tips and advice on implementing a practice you can stick with and that will help you reach your goals.


During the stress week I, along with my partners, will provide tools to help you manage stress levels and get you in to the right mindset for success.


The often-overlooked key to ultimate health, quality sleep, is essential to well-being. I will provide ways to help you get your best zzz’s to ensure you reach your goals.


“Thank you DeeDee Mehren for such a thoughtful and effective program. While I was not perfect I was close to it and more importantly I was proud of what I have accomplished. I learned to enjoy the art of preparing my meals. I learned portions control. I learned about nutrition, stress, sleep and exercise. Most importantly I learned that I was this as a lifestyle rather than a novelty or a trophy.”

After just 30 days you’ll feel fabulous and better know…

• How to build long-term healthy habits

• How to better incorporate nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management into your life for an all-inclusive wellness journey

• How to spot unrealistic promises made by fad diets and fitness trends

• The importance of holistic wellness

Join 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous &
Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet!

DeeDee Mehren

When you join now, you’ll receive:

• A daily meal plan and a month of delicious recipes, including snacks and desserts! You choose the meal plan you want: Ketogenic, Paleo, or Plant-Based

• Detailed shopping list

• Facebook Support Group: Join the hundreds of other people working toward feeling fabulous! Cheer one another on, check-in with DeeDee, and engage with our team of professionals

• Daily health tips and fitness challenges

• Motivational emails and videos

• Weekly giveaways


“The nutritional expertise and concise but thorough way information about nutrition and health is shared makes it accessible to everyone, no matter where you are in your health journey. DeeDee has an amazing collection of recipes that will please even a picky eater! Her 30 days program is a game changer for a busy family that wants to get healthy but needs a nudge in the right direction. The way she organizes the calendar, shopping list, and recipes makes it a breeze!!”