Spring into Summer Detox

The Feed Mind Body Soul 5 Day Detox is a 5-day whole-food-based detox designed by Certified Holistic Nutritionist DeeDee Mehren.

This is the 14th group detox program run by Feed Mind Body Soul and over 2500 people have participated to date with some amazing results in just 5 days. 

For only $75, you’ll receive everything you need to enjoy a successful detox that can help jump start your health journey, including our complete guide to detoxing, an entire meal plan and shopping list to walk you through every day of the program, an active community of other detoxers in our closed Facebook Group, video tutorials, daily motivational emails, and a 21-day clean eating meal plan for after the program is over.

DeeDee Mehren, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, 5 Day Detox Programs

Why the Feed MBS 5 Day Detox Program is NOT just a juice cleanse

Why a juice-only cleanse isn't ideal

Yes, I love green juice and my specific juice recipe is one component of the Spring into Summer 5-Day Whole Food Detox. BUT… I would never do a juice-only detox.


High-quality lean protein is essential to detoxification. Without protein, Phase 2 liver conjugation, which is essential to actually shed your body of toxins, is ineffective.

Yes, phytonutrients and antioxidants from plants are important components too, however, you can’t conjugate without amino acids (protein). Protein actually helps drag the bad stuff out of the body.

Without protein, you may mobilize toxins but you can end up in even worse shape because they end up recirculating within the body.

The types of proteins I include in my Spring into Summer Detox program include hemp seeds (planted-based), organic tempeh (fermented tofu), high-quality protein powder of choice (plant-based or animal-based), and collagen powder.

The liver is a complicated organ. When you participate in a detox, it’s important to know the science behind what you’re consuming.

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Created by Certified Holistic Nutritionist DeeDee Mehren, the Feed Mind Body Soul 5 Day Detox program penetrates the cells with deep nourishment allowing them to better assimilate and utilize nutrients, detoxify and remove waste, and oxygenate the body. The program is based on “healing foods,” including soups and smoothies as well as “medicinal elixirs” and teas. Foods are chosen to restore the body back into balance.

More than 2,500 people have completed this program – join us and see why so many return year after year!

Energy Balls: The Perfect Portion to Boost Your Energy

Seriously, I turn to balls anytime I’m craving something sweet and energizing without the fear of overindulging in
anything else that may do more damage than good when it comes to my health goals.

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