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  • Plant-Based Soup Recipes from Feed MBS

    20 Plant-Based Soup Recipes for Fall

  • College Prep Meal Plan

    College Meal Plan 2021

  • Immunity Boosting ebook from FeedMBS

    Immunity-Boosting Week of Recipes

  • Balls Out Ebook from FeedMBS

    “Balls Out” Recipe Ebook

LEVEL UP with Feed MBS and HIIT3M

Take your health and fitness game up a notch with LEVEL UP!

LEVEL UP! is a 4-week virtual plan to get you on the right path towards your health & fitness goals brought to you by Feed Mind Body Soul and HIIT3M. We combine good nutrition and education with optimal workouts to take your health up a notch.

During the first two weeks of this month-long challenge, we tell you exactly what to eat and how to move. We teach you how to put a long-term plan together during the second two weeks by providing you with a meal-planning guide, recipe ebooks, and an extensive workout library.

While it’s a virtual program, we hold your hand the entire way with daily emails and a community support board to ask questions and support each other!

If you’ve been looking for a program with an equal emphasis on fitness AND nutrition, LEVEL UP is it.

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